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  below are some common questions raised by our customers. follow the appropriate link below to get the answers to your questions. if you have any questions that are not addressed on our website, please call 1-623-580-1900.
do i have to order online?
are all the different watch brands you offer for sale authentic and not look-a-likes?
how can you offer such high quality watches at these great prices?
what are closeouts?
can i return the watch if i am not satisfied?
will i get a warranty and box with my watch?
how is your warranty different from the manufacturers, and what does it cover?
if i damage my watch or if i have a damaged watch that is not covered by a warranty can you fix it?
i am told the replacement part for my watch is no longer available. can you help me?
can you fix my fossil, citizen, seiko or other watch if i didn't buy it from you?
can you fix seiko kinetic and other hard to fix watches that my jeweler cannot fix?
are the watches on your web site the only watches you have and are they always in stock?
why does the second hand on my solar or kinetic watch move in two-second intervals?
when fully charged how long will my solar or kinetic watch keep time?
how long should my battery last?
can i change my own watch battery?
where can i obtain your watch catalogues?
if you don't have the watch i want in stock, can you get it?
why did only the analogue or the digital portion of my watch stop but not both?
why does my second hand stop when i push my light button?
why does my second hand seems to stick once in awhile?
will my watch need periodic checks?
why does my watch run backwards?
how can i extended the life of my leather band?
can i order a half link for my band?
why does my rubber band get hard and crack or break?
why does my arm get red and breakout in little sores from my watch?
how does magnetism affect a quartz watch?
why is the plating coming off my watch?
what things should i try to avoid with my watch?
is the luminous material on the dial of the watch safe?
were can i obtain a lost or missing instruction book?
what is a solar cell?
how to charge seiko kinetic?
how can i check the poer reserve?
low energy reserve warning?
what is it seiko auto relay?

do i have to order on line?

  • no. you may fax your order to (623) 580-1915 or call us at (623) 580-1900 or snail mail your order to:
  • watch liquidators
    23015 north 15th ave. #104
    phoenix, az 85027
    attn: internet sales

are all the different watch brands you offer for sale authentic and not look-a-likes? offers only genuine brand named watches…… and always at a substantial discount from the manufacturer's suggested retail price. after careful inspection, we can guarantee the authenticity of each watch we sell.


how can you offer such high quality watches at these great prices?

with over $6 billion in annual watch sales in the us and many hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of brands and styles, in tens of thousands of locations, there are always large amounts of current model, trusted name brand watch inventories available for liquidation. after many years in the business, these companies seek us out to help them liquidate their inventory. the prices we pay are normally close to or less than it would cost to build the watch. this helps us sell the watches at, or below dealer cost.

  what are closeouts?

these are surplus, discontinued or overstock items. most need new batteries and/or refreshing.

can i return the watch if i'm not satisfied?

yes, within 48 hours of receipt of your watch, you must contact us for a return authorization. after we receive your watch, we carefully inspect it to be sure it is undamaged and unused, then we will refund the purchase price or exchange it if you wish. the refund or exchange does not include the cost of shipping.


will i get a warranty and box with my watch?

yes, you will get a one year warranty from and generic name brand boxes are available. we normally do not get the factory watch boxes and warranty papers with the watches. the factory warranty papers we get are not valid because we are liquidators and not authorized dealers. but, our warranty and service is normally equal to, or better than, the manufacture. we choose to market, at discount prices, as many different brands as come available for liquidation. since we liquidate watches, under distress conditions, there are no sure constant sources at these discount prices.


how is your warranty different from the manufacturers, and what does it cover?

watch warranty coverage is nearly identical for all watch manufacturers. provides warranty coverage of at least one year from the date of purchase on all watch purchases. your watch has been adjusted and electronically timed by skilled watchmakers and has been carefully checked to give you excellent service. this limited warranty applies only to the mechanism or module of the watch and does not include necessary periodic cleaning and oiling of the movement, replacement of batteries, crystals, cases, straps, parts, or moisture and water damage if the case is not marked "water resistant" or if exposure exceeds the watch manufacturer's water resistance limitations. see our warranty for additional details as well as the warranty return location and shipping instructions.


if i damage my watch or if i have a damaged watch that is not covered by a warranty can you fix it?

yes, we normally can help you. simply call us if you don't see the repair item listed below and we will give you an estimated repair cost. we will charge you the same wholesale rates we charge jewelry stores and department store chains. we currently repair thousands of watches a week that go all over the nation. therefore, we have most repair parts in stock. the turnaround time should be a week to ten days.


i'm told the replacement part for my watch is no longer available. can you help me?

yes, in most cases we have parts for watches that are up to 15 years old. you should call or e-mail to make sure we have the part in stock and then send your watch according to the instructions below.

  can you repair my fossil, citizen, seiko or other watch if i didn't buy it from you?

yes. it takes about a week to 10 days and the charges are as follows:
battery $ 5.00
capacitor $ 20.00(call for availability)
bracelet repair $ 20.00
leather strap $ 15.00
case $ 20.00
crystal $ 12.00
movement $ 18.00-36.00
stem \ crown $ 13.00
shipping \ handling $ 7.50

please send it to:
repair department
23015 north 15th ave. #104
phoenix, az 85027

wrap your watch and put it in secure packaging. insure it and enclose a return address label for the watch's return.
the shipping and handling charge of $10.00 must accompany your watch!


can you fix seiko kinetic and other hard to fix watches that my jeweler cannot fix?

yes, we can fix nearly all 10 to 15 year old watches, subject to availability of parts. and, we believe we have the largest array of parts and brands in the us if we do the impossible for you, you're a customer for life.


are the watches on your web site the only watches you have and are they always in stock?

watch liquidators is a high volume reseller selling both wholesale and retail to stores, crane operators and internet dealers as well as flea market operators and numerous other outlets. we have five retail outlets in the phoenix area and do about 50 retail and wholesale shows a year nationally. as you can tell, we are new to the internet and our site is still under construction. we have too many different watch styles in stock to list them all at one time. by the time we listed them all, most could be gone. so we have tried to pick the styles that are normally available. if you have a watch that you like, and don't see it on our web site, we still may have it, so please send a description and a picture by e-mail if possible.


why does the second hand on my solar or kinetic watch move in two-second intervals?

your reserve power is getting low and the watch is in the conserve mode. this helps cut the power use in half. it will resume its normal function when the watch has received the proper charge and is reset to the correct time.


when fully charged how long will my solar or kinetic watch keep time?

from 10 days to 5 years depending on the model and age of your watch. take great care with your watch, many solar/kinetic watches have been destroyed by someone attempting to replace a power cell with an ordinary silver oxide battery cell, when all that was needed was a recharge cycle. never recharge solar watches under a halogen light as the heat can damage the solar cell. the maximum temperature a solar cell can handle is about 140 degrees fahrenheit.


how long should my battery last?

the average life of a battery is two years, but features, use, and the age of the watch and battery, may reduce this. as the watch ages the oils dry out and dirt may enter through the aged gaskets. this increases friction and makes the step motor work harder.


can i change my own watch battery?

without help or the proper skills, it is not recommended. watch liquidators is putting together a tool and battery assortment option, as well as instructions. we hope to be offering it here on the web within 90 days. this will help with simple fashion watches. many factors enter into changing a watch battery, like having the proper tools to remove and reinstall the case back, not cutting the gasket or scratching the watch case, removing the battery without harming the movement, installing the proper replacement battery, clearing the memory chip on digital watches and resetting and recalibrating the more complex watches.


where can i obtain your watch catalog?

a catalog would be impossible to keep current. we sell nearly all the styles and brands of watches available in the us we normally make individual liquidated purchases of watches directly from the manufacturers as well as other sources. this means we have no assurances of a continuing supply of each model.


if you don't have the watch i want in stock, can you get it?

yes, we can special order it for you but it will cost slightly more, or we may have it coming at a later date. if you can wait, you can take advantage of a much better price when it arrives.


why did only the analog or the digital portion of my watch stop but not both?

you may need to change a battery. many analog/digital watches contain two batteries. the analog movement uses more current than the digital portion and that battery dies before the digital battery.


why does my second hand stop when i push my light button?

you need a new battery. the light draws much more current than the movement does.


why does my digital display dim when i push the light button?

you need to replace your battery.


i changed my battery in my digital casio watch and it does not work, why?

often when this happens, the person that changed the battery may have forgotten to "clear the memory". this is done by touching the top (+) or positive side of the new battery with one side of metal tweezers and the contact on the movement that is next to the letters "ac" with the other side of the tweezers simultaneously. sometimes there is an arrow that points to the small round contact. you may need to tap the contact three or for times to clear it.


why does my second hand seem to stick occasionally?

in most cases the battery is low, but if the battery has been changed and this continues to happen, you need to have the movement cleaned or replaced.


will my watch need periodic checks?

most good name brand watches are designed to provide a lifetime of accurate and reliable service. however, every two or three years, when you replace the battery, you should visit a reputable knowledgeable jeweler and ask if any parts need replacing or if perspiration, water, dust, etc. have gotten inside. gaskets age and breakdown when exposed to salt, chlorine and soap, so always have them checked.


why does my watch run backwards?

if the hands are not merely stuck, but truly running backwards, this would indicate the stator is damaged and it can no longer react properly with the rotor or step motor. the movement is normally replaced.


how can i extend the life of my leather band?

leather bands should be slightly loosened when they may absorb perspiration. a tight strap not only prevents the passage of air over the strap undersurface, but it can cause a perspiration rash on that area of the wrist. when removing a watch with a wet band, place it in a well-ventilated spot and never leave it in direct sunlight as it may fade, dry and crack.


can i order a half link for my band?

half links are not normally available. we have occasionally found new replacement clasps and buckles to accomplish the same thing. you will need to send the watch in to our shop for this.


why does my rubber band get hard and crack or break?

normally, this is a combination of perspiration and direct sunlight. a chemical reaction takes place that hardens the rubber and fills the pores.


why does my arm get red and break out in little sores from my watch?

you may have an allergic reaction caused by the acid in your perspiration and the nickel in the composition of the metal band or case. in some instances, the plating will wear off the case after wearing the watch and the nickel in the base metal is exposed. a "stainless steel back" is not enough protection. with most people, buying only solid 14k gold or all stainless steel watch cases and bands corrects this problem. if you have a nickel reaction when you wear a watch, always check for a 100% stainless steel watch case and band before you buy a gold plated watch.


how does magnetism affect a quartz watch?

it usually doesn't affect digital quartz watches, but it will affect analog watches. powerful magnetism can affect the tiny electric motor that turns the hands. even though your watch may gain or lose time while under the influence of a magnetic field, it's function will return to normal once the magnetism is removed. always avoid putting your watch near door magnets, electric appliances, medical equipment, headphones, loudspeakers and other similar type items.


why is the plating coming off my watch?

during everyday use your watch comes in contact with many different abrasive materials. anything that is harder than the plating, like metal, glass, wood and even the dust and grit on the surface of a desk, can cause the plating to wear off.


what things should i try to avoid with my watch?

shocks:  avoid undue shocks. (such as dropping the watch on a hard surface) this can dislodged the battery, dial markers, hands and more. rigorous sports like tennis or golf swings can also present similar results.

perspiration:  you should protect a fashion watch from heavy perspiration but normally better quality name brand watches are not affected.

temperature extremes:  if the quartz watch is worn with ambient temperatures between -10 degrees and +35 degrees, no loss of time will take place. if the watch is removed during the winter it may lose time, but will return to normal when you start wearing it again. if stored in temperatures outside a normal range (as low as -10 degrees or as high as +60degrees), the electronic components may not function normally. below freezing, liquid crystal displays respond slowly and they look dark at high temperatures. they may fade completely away in direct sun light, but return at normal temperatures when removed from direct light. a battery's life can be significantly reduced above 40degrees and fluid may even leak out from a weaker battery.

chemicals:  chemical substances may change the color of cases, bracelets and straps.


is the luminous material on the dial of the watch safe?

the new luminous material is brighter and longer lasting than the older conventional paints and it is completely free of radioactive materials, making it safe for people and the environment.

  how to charge seiko kinetic?

seiko kinetic watches must be charged before they are set. charging
is simple. gently swing the watch from side to side in a small arc for two
to three minutes. as you swing the watch, the oscillating weight in the
generating system may give out a small sound as it rotates. when the
second hand begins to move in one second intervals, the watch has
stored at least three hours of power and is ready to be set.
  how can i check power reserve?

the power reserve indicator function shows how much energy is stored
in the watches capacitor. to check how long the watch can operate on
its current charge, wait until the second hand is in the 12 o'clock position
and press the button at the 2 o'clock position on the watch case. then
use the chart below to determine how much stored energy is indicated
by the number of seconds that the second hand moved. the second
hand will resume normal operation in 30 seconds or less.
  low energy reserve warning?

when the second hand starts to move in two-second intervals instead of the
usual one-second intervals, the watch's energy reserves are low. the watch
should be charged by swinging it gently from side to side in a small arc for
approximately one minute.

where can i obtain a lost or missing instruction book?

we are currently in the process of obtaining permission from the major watch manufacturers to provide the watch instructions on our web site. you can obtain free replacement instructions directly from the manufacturers. watch liquidators is providing this list of watch manufacturers and their telephone numbers while we wait for permission to publish them online.

instruction books
to have a lost or missing instruction book mailed to your home, please call the company listed below. the company will assist you if necessary, but please check the case back of your watch to find the caliber or model number when calling for the instruction book. if no number is present, there may be a number on the bottom edge of the dial of the watch under the "six" position on the face.

casio 800-962-2746

wilson 800-221-0131 bulova 800-228-5682
swatch 800-937-9282
daniel mink 800-221-6465 margrove 800-524-1024
walthum 800-221-0131 lorus 800-443-3617
pulsar 800-443-3617
seiko 800-848-3545 speidel 800-343-7744 citizen 800-321-3173
regency 800-524-1024 elgin 800-221-0131 gruen 800-877-8463
marcel 800-422-6053 majesti 212-239-0444 croton 800-443-7639
sharp 800-992-9398 la marquie 800-247-7788 timex 800-448-4639
accutime 212-686-9220 gucci 714-458-1266 field & stm 800-682-6023
victorinox 800-243-4032 sector 212-826-0700 e-619 wenger 800-431-2996
bev hills pro 800-222-9899 armitron 800-937-0050 geneve 516-759-5353
guess 800-248-3775 swiss army 800-442-2706 fada 718-729-8600
wittnauer 800-431-1836 michael anthy 800-966-8800 west clock 800-848-3545
jurgensen 800-220-1233 tag heuer 800-321-4832 luminox 201-664-6868
fossil 800-842-8621 movado 201-518-7100 rado 800-283-7236
baume-et-mercier 800-582-1337


helpful watch terms:

alarm:  this is a function on a watch that alerts you with beeps or tones at preset time(s).
analog:  this is a watch that shows the time using hour and minute hands.
analog-digital display (ana-digi):  a watch that shows the time by hour and minute hands (analog display) as well as by numeric numbers (a digital numeric display)
aperture:  small opening. the small opening some watches have on the dial to show the day/date. the aperture frame is the decretive trim around this opening. this may come loose from a sharp jolt or by dropping the watch. if it is loose and floating on your dial, pull out the stem to stop the hands from moving. this helps prevent the dial from scratching and the gears in the movement from undo stress that may destroy the movement.
applique:  also called dial markers or applied chapters, they are symbols or numerals that are stuck or riveted to a watch dial.
assembling:  the process of fitting together the watch components. this is done largely in hong kong and china and encompasses approximately 80% of the world's watches.
atm/ bar (of pressure):  this is a measure of water resistance. one atm or bar is equal to 33 feet under water. remember we live at 1 atmosphere of pressure; so a "3 atm or bar" rating is 66 feet and not 99 feet under water.
automatic watch

this is a watch that is powered by a counter weight and a mainspring that is wound by the movements of your arm. it was invented in switzerland in the 18th century.
auto relay  seiko kinetic auto relay is an enhanced version of seiko kinetic which features power saving and time relay functions that keep the watch operating for up to four years, even if left unused. when the watch is not in use, time is still calculated in the integrated circuit (ic), but the watch hands stop moving in order to save energy. when the watch is picked up and moved again, the kinetic power generating system is activated and the correct time is automatically relayed from the ic to the hands, which quickly reset themselves to the exact time.
bar, lug:  this is often called a "spring bar" and fits between the extensions of the watchcase that are called "lugs" or "horns". this device holds the band in place by locking into a small hole on the inside of each "horn" or "lug".
battery damage:  when a battery dies and is left in a watch, it can start to leak a corrosive substance. this substance can dissolve the battery contacts, and damage the movement. also, it can dry to a white rock like substance that may foul the watch gear assembly. when this happens the movement may stop completely or it may run intermittently.
 this is the frame that normally holds the glass or crystal to the watchcase. in some cases the bezel will not hold a crystal but is threaded and comes in different colors and styles so it can be changed. on some diver watches the bezel rotates to help divers keep track of time for ascent and descent.
bi-directional rotating bezel:  this bezel can be rotated in either direction and is normally used for mathematical calculations such as speed or distance. this is similar to a "slide rule".
calendar:  this is a feature on a watch that shows the day of the month and often the day of the week as well. most information appears physically in a window, by digital means or by sub-dials on the watch face. all dates should change between 12:01 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. if your date change takes place during the day, merely advance your time by 12 hours.
case:  the container that holds the watch movement and components. it's shape and appearance change subject to style and function.
case back:  the removable back portion of the watchcase. it may snap in by friction, screw in or be held in by a series of screws, this removable case back allows repairs and easy battery changes. normally it contains etched or stamped identification information about the watch.
cell / powercell:  this is the new term used to identify a battery or the capacitor/rechargeable type cells that are used to store an electrical charge in solar and kinetic watches. the cells are round like a battery but have metal extensions affixed to the cell. these extension ends are then attached to the movement with screws (not friction like a normal battery) to complete the circuit.
chronograph:  this is a watch or other apparatus with two independent time systems. one indicates the time of day and the other measures brief intervals of time. counters registering seconds, minutes and hours can be started and stopped as desired. not to be confused with the timer, the stopwatch and the chronometer.
chronometer: a  watch that has undergone a series of precision tests in an official institute. the test requirements are very severe. mechanical watches are limited to few seconds per day under the most unfavorable temperature conditions and the others are tested under conditions that are not ordinarily encountered.
contacts / battery:  the metal parts in the movement that touches the (-) negative and (+) positive part of the battery. these parts are inside a watch movement and touch the side and bottom of a battery by friction. this completes an electrical circuit that delivers the energy needed to drive the watch movement. when these contacts are bent, dirty or corroded it is like turning a light switch to the off position. the movement will not function because the circuit is "open".

  crown:  a knob on the outside of the case that is pulled away from the case at various positions and is turned in one direction or the other to set the time, day or date on quartz watches. it is primarily used to correct the calendar date at the end of the month. it is also used for winding on non-quartz watches. a colored stone may be attached on the end for looks and durability.
date wheel:  a number on a wheel on the movement that refers to a day of the month. a day/date watch could also have a second wheel to show the day of the week. another wheel might show the year or phases of the moon. this is also called a calendar watch. new perpetual calendar watches do not require end of the month adjusting and they even self adjust for leap years.
dial: this is the face or plate that contains the markings for the minutes and seconds of the hour. it also normally has the brand name, movement type and size.
dial marker:  also called appliqué, these are the markers or applied chapters that are symbols or numerals. they are painted, struck or riveted to a watch dial.
digital watch:
 this is a watch that shows the time as well as other information on an electronic digital display rather than by a dial and mechanical hand movements.
display:  a digital window or group of windows that show time, date or other data with numerals or alphabetical indications.
domed crystal:  this is a crystal that is convex like a ball and not flat like a normal crystal.
dual time:
 this is an additional time display that can show a second time for another time zone.
 this is a citizen watch company term for a solar cell that charges a rechargeable power cell (lithium ion) drive watch. this watch relies on light for power.
glass, crystal:
 a thin plate of glass or transparent synthetic material that protects the dial, display and hands on the top surface of the case. it may be attached to a bezel and ranges in hardness from synthetic sapphire to softer plastic.
gold plated:  a layer of gold applied electronically to a metal base.
  a thin metal indicator that varies in size and color moving in a circular motion over a graduated scale. watches normally have two or three hands that show hours, minutes and seconds.
integrated bracelet:  this is a watch bracelet that is incorporated into the design of the case.
  a bearing that is impregnated with oil to reduce friction and increase the accuracy and life of the watch. they are generally made of synthetic material, except for the precious or semiprecious stones (ruby, sapphire, garnet) that are sometimes used in deluxe watches.

  kinetic:  a seiko term for a quartz watch that contains an electrical generator and storage system free of conventional batteries and recharged by natural wrist movements.
lithium ion power cell:  used in solar charged watches. the charge/discharge cycle affects it to such a small amount that it should never need replacing like an ordinary silver oxide battery and it is environmentally safe.
 this is the projection from the watch case that the band is attached to. the measurement between them is normally in millimeters and that distance is used to order replacement bands. (18 mm, 14 mm etc.)
marine chronometer:
 a highly accurate mechanical or electronic timekeeper enclosed in a box and mounted on gimbals to keep them horizontal when determining the longitude on- board ships.
military / 24 hour time:  this time does not use the two 12 hour a.m. and p.m. measures. military time is in the straight 24-hour measure. as an example 1:00 p.m. would be 1300 (13 hundred hours) and 9:00 p.m. would be 2100 (21 hundred hours). some watches come with a second set of numbers under the main outside numbers that start at "13" under the 1:00 dial marker and go around to "24" being the last number under 12:00 dial marker.
 this is the assembly that drives the time indicator and it sits inside the case and falls into one of three basic categories, quartz, digital or mechanical.
pyramid crystal:  a crystal that comes to a point in the middle by means of several flat triangular surfaces. the fossil watch company made this style of crystal popular in the middle 1980's.
quartz movement:
 this is a movement powered by the vibration of a quartz crystal.
 this is the half-disk of heavy metal that rotates inside the case by the movement of the wearer's arm. this rotor movement powers the mechanical automatic watches as well as the electric generator watches.
screw-lock crown:  also called a screw-down crown, it helps keep moisture out of the watch at far greater depths than a friction and seal fit crown. it is a crown that screws on and off from a threaded "pipe" on the watch case. if you cannot easily pull the crown out to adjust the time, try turning the crown clockwise or counterclockwise. this crown mechanism has a spring inside and it should pop out when unscrewed fully. to close this crown assembly, you should push the crown in toward the case while turning it in the opposite direction from which it was loosened.
 the process of bringing the hands or the digital display to the exact time in a given time zone.

shock absorber:  this is a pliable rubber-like substance surrounding the time module in most "g-shock" digital watches.
shock resistance:  the watches ability to drop from a height of 3 feet onto a wood floor as defined by a us regulation.
slide rule:
 this is a device, consisting of logarithmic or other scales on the outer edge of the watch face, which can be used to do mathematical calculations. one scale is marked on a rotating bezel that turns beside the stationary scale to make the calculations. some style watches have scales for fuel consumption on airplanes, etc...
solar cell:
 the eco-drive watch uses a microns thin disc of amorphus silicon under the dial to convert light energy into electrical energy through the photovoltaic process. the electrical energy is then stored in a rechargeable battery. the charging is done in a more efficient manner than was ever before thought possible. because of this newly developed technology, it is now practical to use a wide variety of attractive dials.
stopwatch / timer:  an instrument or function of a timepiece that is used for measuring individual or cumulative intervals of time. this can be as small as one-tenth, one one-hundredth or one one-thousandth of a second.

  tachometer:  an instrument for measuring speed with a graduated dial on which speed can be read in kilometers per hour or some other similar unit.
tank watch:  this is a rectangular watch that was designed by louis cartier and had bars along the side that were inspired by tank tracks.
 this is a lightweight, ultra tough and hypoallergenic metal (nickel free). used in its purest form to make watch cases and bracelets. this is a good watch metal for people that are nickel sensitive.
tonneau resistant:
 a watch shaped like a barrel, with two convex sides.
water resistant:
 a term used to indicate an item made to prevent water from entering. normally, a watch case joints are designed to prevent moisture from entering at a specific measure under normal usage.


measure of water resistance:
30 meters (100 feet) will withstand splashes of water or rain but should not be worn while swimming or diving.
50 meters (165 feet) suitable for showering or swimming in shallow water.
100 meters (330 feet) suitable for swimming and snorkeling.
150 meters (500 feet) suitable for snorkeling.
200 meters (660 feet) suitable for skin-diving.
diver's 150 meters (500 feet) meets iso standards and is suitable for scuba diving. (screw-down crown & case back)
diver's 200 meters (660 feet) meets iso standards and is suitable for scuba diving. (screw-down crown & case back)
pipe:  a round cylinder that is attached to the case and protrudes into the crown to seal and help prevent dirt and moisture from entering the watchcase. on most good dive watches, the pipe is threaded and the crown is screwed on like a nut. this forms the best possible water barrier.
 the tightening of the mainspring of a watch by turning a crown or by turning a rotor caused by movements of the watches counter weight.
world time dial:
 this is a dial on the outer edge of the watch face that tells the time in up to 24 time zones around the world. the zones are named by the main city in that zone. the hour hand indicates the time in your zone as well as what it is in a zone adjacent to the hour marker.

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